About the Actor Training Studio

The Actor Training Studio affords actors several unique and practical options for study. All workshops and sessions are provided on a four-week basis, giving actors the flexibility to take on acting work without having to sacrifice weeks of training. What this also means is that when you’re ready to start your training, you don’t have to wait for a current session to end — you can start next week!

ATS workshops are 3 hours long, rather than the “standard” of two hours. And classes are limited to no more than 12 students. So, “do the math.” If you’re studying somewhere that offers less time to handle more students, you’re getting less opportunity to work on your feet and make progress in your craft.

All sessions feature both monologue study and scene-work, along with short “open scene” exercises, intended to provide actors multiple opportunities to make and strengthen the choices in their acting and work the balance between playing those choices and spontaneously reacting to their scene partner. A healthy balance of working on-camera and off provides the actor with the necessary feedback of seeing their work played back from the camera, yet still allowing the actor to develop that sixth sense necessary to build internal trust in what they’re doing.

Career advice is also part of the program and actors are encouraged to take advantage of frequent opportunities in both stage and film.

For further information, call Andy Garrison at 816-674-5601