Fee & Attendance Policy


Cash and Checks accepted by mail or in person. Credit/Debit Cards accepted in person or via PayPal for an additional fee.

These rates are subject to periodic change and are in effect until further notice.

CASH, CHECKS by mail or in person and CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS (for an additional fee) in person or through our online Paypal system: http://actortrainingstudio.com/products-page/

Checks for workshops should be made out to “ATS.”

If a check does not clear, you will be responsible for all bank fees associated, and may not participate in classes and workshops until your payment obligations have been met. For new students, all class and workshop fees are due ONE WEEK prior to beginning study. For every week that a payment is late, a $10 charge will be added.


Since these workshops are ongoing, your continued participation is assumed, unless you advise me otherwise. Please give 2 weeks notice if you expect to discontinue class. Once accepted into an ongoing workshop, you commit to a FOUR WEEK CYCLE. Four week cycles MUST occur within four weeks, both to keep your training consistent and to maintain the studio’s business viability. Absence at any session will NOT result in a refund, though a makeup may be scheduled, provided the actor has given at least ONE WEEK’S ADVANCE NOTICE of such absence. If that make-up session cannot be scheduled within a week of class, the missed class will be forfeit.

Any class that is missed with less than a week’s notice is forfeit, without the opportunity for a make-up. The exceptions are medical emergencies that involve a hospital emergency room and paid acting work. Unexpected last minute job or illness related absences can not be made up. In the event that you have given a week’s notice and qualify for a makeup class, you will not be contacted by the studio regarding your makeup session. It is YOUR
responsibility to contact Andy and Mary to arrange a makeup session. Also, if less than a week’s notice for an absence is given BETWEEN 4 Week cycles then payment will need to be made a week in advance of returning to class.

In order to partner successfully in your training, both of us must communicate clearly and promptly. You will receive notice by phone or email on or before the day your next payment is due. Part of your responsibility is to check your email regularly. If you know you must be absent for a class, it is your responsibility to communicate your absence one week prior to class, even if the next class begins a new four-block for you. If you fail to communicate clearly it disrupts the workshop, your scene partner’s work and your instructor’s ability to prepare effectively for your continued training.

In plain language, tell me what you’re going to do and do that. If your plans change, communicate that change to me promptly. If you do this, your training will proceed smoothly.