Welcome to our inaugural edition of the ATS Quarterly Newsletter!

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Summer is a busy time

It’s also a good time to hone your acting skills at a deep discount, thanks to the 20th Anniversary specials we are running now through August.  

Whether you’re just starting out – or starting again – these classes will help you drastically improve your acting.

This is also a good time to remind everyone of the ATS attendance and make-up class policies.

First things first:
A 4-Week Cycle of process workshop classes MUST occur during four consecutive weeks. A 12-week cycle of classes must occur during twelve consecutive weeks.

So, if you need to cancel a class, be sure to give a 1-Week notice, and then schedule your makeup class within a week of the class you miss.

How do I schedule a makeup class after I’ve given at least a 1-week notice?
Easy. Just tell Andy which other class you’d like to join, OR you may be able to schedule a 1-hour private class directly with Andy!

Currently, ATS offers process workshop classes on the following days:

  • Tuesday – 7 – 10 pm
  • Wednesday – 1 – 4 pm
  • Saturday – 9 am – Noon

Last minute cancellations result in a forfeited class. (There are some exceptions – they usually involve a hospital or funeral.) It’s very important to remember that planning and consideration for other actors factor into overall workshop success. Your absence will have a double impact. First, we’ll miss you like mad! Second, so will your scene partners (open and prepared) and the acting coach needs time to reconfigure.

Launchpad 2.0 begins July 17th
Monday nights are reserved for our special ATS Launchpad workshops. This special 4-week series is tailor-made for people who always wondered what taking an acting class would be like but were too shy (or busy) as a young person to check it out – and then life happened? If the idea of acting in a class with more experienced actors is intimidating, Launchpad is your safe haven, where you can learn this rewarding craft, make mistakes without apology and celebrate breakthroughs with everyone in class.

We have early bloomers, late bloomers, self-actualizers (not a word, I know) and curiosity seekers in this class. It’s a blast! If you know someone who’s always wanted to act but didn’t know how to get started – this is the ideal starting point to launch their dream!

Thursday Night Special – Commercial VO Class starting July 13th!
Thursday nights are reserved for special quarterly classes, such as the Director’s Cut workshop series, as well as the Audiobook workshop series. This summer, ATS is offering Commercial VO Techniques as a Thursday night special! (Normally, only offered as private instruction!)

Student News
ATS Actors and Alums are getting it done in KC and beyond! If you, or someone you know from ATS, is in an upcoming show – email Sallie or Andy  –  and we’ll get it in the newsletter and out on social media. We are immensely proud of the work our actors do at home and in other markets and we want everyone to know about it!

Coach’s Corner
Objectives That Work

ATS Actors all know that after deciding on the relationship and event for a scene — whether it’s an open scene or a prepared scene — it’s important to choose an exciting, playable objective.  It’s best to express your objective statement in a personal way that excites you.  So instead of saying “I need her to give me that information,” try something like “I need her to divulge her secret to me,” or “I need her to confess,” or “I need her to make me her confidant.”  Having a clear, playable objective that gives you the feelz — it’ll make your acting more specific, more exciting and more cast-able.



Andy has extensive formal training in acting, voice and movement. He’s taught on the university level and has now had the Actor Training Studio consistently growing since 1998. He holds a B.A. in Theatre from Baker University, and an M.F.A. in Acting and Directing from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.