The approach to training at The Actor Training Studio asks the actor to focus on their scene partner while pursuing a strong, playable objective. “Who are you talking to? What do you want from them?” are questions with which all ATS actors quickly become familiar.

One of the unique things we do at ATS is a form of deeply practicing various acting techniques, whether they’re vocal-physical, analytical or intentional-emotional techniques, through “Open Scenes.” This flexible format helps the ATS actors continually challenge themselves in virtually every aspect of their work. ATS actors love Open Scenes and alumni report that this practice has done more to improve their auditioning and performance skills than almost anything else they’ve employed. Our goal with everything we do at ATS is to help you make your work the most personal and unique-to-you that it can be. The cornerstone for training at ATS is The Process Workshops — here’s the schedule for ATS Process Workshops:

Mondays — 7 to 10 PM Tuesdays — 7 to 10 PM Wednesdays — 1 to 4 PM Saturdays — 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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