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Have you always wondered what taking an acting class would be like? Always suspected acting would be really fun, but you were too shy as a young person to check it out – and then life happened? Is the idea of acting in a class with more experienced actors intimidating?

If so, come to a safe starting place where you can make mistakes without apology and where you’ll celebrate breakthroughs with everyone in the class.

What’s stage left? And how is it different from screen right? What’s blocking? What does it mean to get off book or hit your mark? ATS Launchpad is specifically intended and designed for beginning adult actors, who want to dip their toe into the waters of acting. You’ll be taught the fundamentals that all the best actors continue to work on and that will carry you forward to more challenging work.

Start with this exciting and inspiring four-week cycle of class, then come in for a free consult with coach Andy Garrison to figure out your next steps – another Launchpad? A voiceover class? An ongoing Process workshop?

ATS Launchpad starts Thursday, January 11th and runs for four weeks from 7 to 10 PM. Tuition for the four weeks is a discounted rate of $165 Class size is limited to 10, so call 816-674-5601 or email to save your spot today.