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Click here: Misty and Rich introduce the training approach at ATS

The approach to training at The Actor Training Studio asks the actor to focus on their scene partner while pursuing a strong, playable objective. “Who are you talking to? What do you want from them?” are questions with which all ATS actors quickly become familiar.

One of the unique things we do at ATS is a form of deeply practicing various acting techniques, whether they’re vocal-physical, analytical or intentional-emotional techniques, through “Open Scenes.” This flexible format helps the ATS actors continually challenge themselves in virtually every aspect of their work. ATS actors love Open Scenes and alumni report that this practice has done more to improve their auditioning and performance skills than almost anything else they’ve employed. Our goal with everything we do at ATS is to help you make your work the most personal and unique-to-you that it can be.   The cornerstone for training at ATS is The Process Workshops — here’s the schedule for ATS Process Workshops:   Mondays — 7 to 10 PM   Tuesdays — 7 to 10 PM   Wednesdays — 1 to 4 PM   Saturdays — 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Process Workshops

Jasmine and Mary Ruth introduce the ATS Process Workshops

In ATS Process Workshops you begin by finding the pathway to your unique acting process and then continue exploring the limits of that process every week. These ongoing workshops provide both beginning and experienced actors an environment that’s supportive yet challenging. All work is objective-based and partner-focused and incorporates prepared scene and monologue study with ATS’ unique open scenes, a common-sense hybrid of improv and cold-reading work specifically designed to steer you toward your next breakthrough.  The Price listed is for 4 weeks of class.

Price: $195.00

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SPECIAL — 2 Week Class on Studio 1 Audio Recording Software

Hey Audio Book Narrators,

First off, if you want to reserve a spot for this, email — Sallie Downing, ATS Studio Manager.

Now. We’re going to bring ATS Audio Book Alum and Extraordinaire Felisha Caldeira in to do 2 sessions on Studio 1 — the really cool recording software by Presonus. Felisha’s been recording in S1 for months now and has really figured it out.

She’ll be going through setup, recording (including punch and roll), editing and mastering. It’s a really great piece of software, but can be a little tricky to figure out.

Here’s the info:

Time: 2 Thursdays, September 17 and 24, 7 to 10 PM
Place: ATS!
Tuition: $60 for one session, $100 for both
Class Limit: 12

You must reply to Sallie to register! I’ll be out of town until the 16th. She’ll be setting up the roster.

Price: $60.00

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Online Private Lessons, via Skype

ATS Coach Andy Garrison

ATS is offering ONLINE Private Acting Instruction!  Now you can get Andy Garrison’s Actor Training, anywhere in the world.  You just need a computer, internet connection and SKYPE.   One-on-one online coaching sessions for instructional use ONLY.  They may NOT be used for ANY other use without prior written consent from Andy Garrison. The Price listed is the hourly rate.

Price: $75.00

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Terry and Melanie talk On Camera

ATS On-Camera gives you the tools you need to succeed in commercials, TV and film. Audition techniques, cold-reads and scene study are all covered, as well as specific tips on adjusting your stage-acting technique to screen-acting technique. ATS On-Camera rotates with ATS On Mic, our Voiceover Class.  The Price listed covers four weeks.


Price: $195.00

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Private Instruction

Rozanne and Sarah introduce Private Instruction at ATS

If you’re working on your next audition or want individual instruction, private study at ATS may be the option for you. One-on-one sessions with coach Andy Garrison revolve around intensive monologue work with techniques that bring you to your next audition prepared to showcase yourself to the best of your abilities. Scheduling can be as flexible as you need, subject to availability. The Price listed covers four weeks.

Price: $210.00

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ATS On Mic

Bobbie Sue introduces Voiceover Instruction at ATS

In the ATS On Mic workshop, you’ll learn how to find and choose copy for your voiceover demo, how to approach the challenges of “speaking while you read,” and the best way to get your voice on the market.  ATS On Mic rotates with the ATS On-Camera workshop.

Price: $195.00

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Public Speaking Process

Like so many acting techniques, the components of a good speech are skills you may already have, without knowing it. The Actor Training Studio offers a unique approach to public speaking, using techniques that actors have employed for decades. Viewing the audience as a participating partner, defining Heather Public Speakingthe objectives of your speech, basic rehearsal techniques, research, handling visuals, overcoming stage fright and using your own natural abilities to persuade are just a few elements covered.  ATS Public Speaking is ongoing — speakers pay for class 6 weeks at a time.

Price: $195.00

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Voice Work

Unleash the power of your voice at the Actor Training Studio.

Using the proven methods in Kristin Linklater´s “Freeing the Natural Voice,” we´ll help you identify, locate and ease those habitual sources of tension that rob your voice of its fullest expression.

Course length-ongoing. The Price listed covers four weeks.

Price: $210.00

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3 Month Discount

To begin a workshop, call Andy Garrison at 816-674-5601 or email

Price: $495.00

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Save $10 or More

Call Andy at (816) 674-5601 to find out how!