Brady Kickhaefer


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Agency: Callidus Agency

Agency Contact: John Kolinofsky (214) 432-6122 – ext 303

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Brady Kickhaefer is an ATS Alumni with 9 years of acting experience that all started with Andy.  After years of wanting to pursue this art of storytelling, Brady reached out to a very welcoming, realistic, and immensely gifted instructor in Andy who told Brady that “there are millions of men out there that are trying to be actors that look and sound like you, but none of them ARE you, and that is what we have to bring out.”  Through his guidance, Brady learned so much that drove him to Houston and now Austin to pursue acting as a full time career.  After years starring in multiple independent films and shorts, commercials and a few theater performances, Brady is making headway to land in Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue acting full time.  Right now, Brady is filming 3 projects in December and is working on multiple other projects for 2017.