James Myers

Website:  http://www.jamesmmyers.com

Email Address: jamesmmyers73@gmail.com

Resume: James Myer Resume

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2653588/

Agency: The Campbell Agency

Agency Contact: (214) 522-8991

James has been very active and busily working in the entertainment industry. As a mature and professional actor, James has received many call backs among top clients with excellent testimonials from film producers. James is flexible, charismatic, has a “can do attitude”, yet serious about building his career in the entertainment industry. As you will see within James’ website, James can fit into many different characters and “looks” to meet the demands of a very competitive industry. If you desire to work with a professional actor that brings to the table a plethora of life experiences, professional actor training, and a strong desire to be the very best with a positive attitude about working in the entertainment industry.