Hey everybody,

You’ve probably heard by now that Coach Andy Garrison will be leaving for a short vacation on the 11th. This will not affect Tues/Sat class…much. The Saturday August 19th class will be canceled.

Kimberly Horner will be subbing for Andy while he’s away.

This is more than just a sub-in.  It’s an opportunity for an on-camera workshop from an experienced LA actor and instructor.  And Kimberly’s not only an awesome actor and instructor with major chops for both, she’s a wonderful person with an amazing laugh and an incredibly inspiring presence.

Here’s what those classes between the 12th and the 19th will look like:

  • Saturday August 12th, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm — Kimberly will be stepping in with her special brand of on camera workshop.
    Wednesday’s people will attend this class which starts at 9:30!
  • Tuesday August 15th, 7PM to 10PM — Kimberly returns with her on camera workshop!
  • Wednesday August 16th — SEE SATURDAY, AUGUST 12TH (no class on this Wednesday)
  • Saturday August 19th — NO CLASS!

Here’s how class will go:
You will get assigned scenes and will be doing one-person, on-camera with a partner as an off-camera reader. Kimberly has a few kids/adults scenes, so she may open up the Saturday class to a few of her youth students.

We are also inviting alums and inactive students to sign up, as long as space is available. If you’ve ever attended one of our exclusive “Director’s Cut” workshops, this will be very similar. Click here for details and to sign up today.

If you can’t attend your scheduled class, you still need to give Andy and Sallie one-week’s notice! Let me know if you have any questions!


Kimberly is a Kansas City native who grew up working consistently in the professional theatre, TV and film communities. Kimberly received her BFA in Theatre at Webster Conservatory before moving to L.A. where she lived for 8 years before returning to KC and joining Actor Training Studio as our youth acting coach. While in L.A., Kimberly worked in both TV and film, while teaching camera acting for kids, both in classes and private coaching. Kimberly’s students booked co-star, guest star, and series regular roles on many major networks, feature films, national commercials and more.